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Traditional programs require students to show up at class Monday through Friday at a set time. At NISET you can learn anytime, anywhere, with our completely online curriculum.

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The Nettleman Institute of Land Surveying Engineering Technology was founded by Dr. Charles Nettleman in 2019. Dr. Nettleman has been a land surveyor for his entire professional life, beginning work with his grandfather, Walt G. Robillard, in 2001. Since then, Dr. Nettleman has attended or taught at leading geomatics programs including the University of Florida, New Mexico State University, Troy University, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, and Texas A&M – Corpus Christi.

After serving as a professor for over a decade, Dr. Nettleman grew to believe that public universities were not adequately meeting the needs of the land surveying community, so he founded The Nettleman Institute of Land Surveying Engineering Technology. NISET’s Online Surveyor Certification Program was built to teach students from all walks of life, including students who work part-time and full-time, students who are not located near a surveying program, and students who would like to further their education beyond their current holdings. NISET provides the next generation of professional land surveyors with the most current methods, rigorous instructions, and hands-on, practical experience in the land surveying industry.


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Dr. Steve Frank at New Mexico State University was the dean of the program and over I think dinner one night he was telling me

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A: All courses at NISET cost $300 per credit hour. The Certificate is 32 credit hours, multiplied by $300,
equals $9,600. There are no other costs, fees, or charges except books (actual retail price).

A: All courses at NISET cost $300 per credit hour. The Associates of Applied Science is 60 credit hours,
multiplied by $300, equals $18,000. There are no other costs, fees, or charges except books (actual retail

A: No. NISET was created to serve students nationwide. There is no extra cost depending on which state
you live in.

A: No. About half of the classes involve field work. These labs are completed by the student finding a
“mentor” that is a licensed Professional Land Surveyor. The PLS provides the equipment and
mentorship. The PLS and the student meet throughout the semester, as necessary, to complete the field
labs together and the student’s field notebook is submitted to the professor for grading.

A: NISET intends on being accredited by the 2021 – 2022 academic year.

A: NISET currently offers a Certificate of Land Surveying Engineering. Our Associates of Applied Science
of Land Surveying Engineering is launching in 2021 and our Bachelor of Applied Science of Land
Surveying Engineering is launching in 2023.

A: The best place to find a list of classes for the current academic year is at
https://landsurveycareer.com/academics/ then scroll to “CLASSES FOR 2020.”

A: Our application with the Veteran’s Administration is currently pending. Funding through the GI Bill
will be available for NISET’s courses as of May 2021.

A: Absolutely! NISET’s programs are meant to be “building blocks” starting with the certificate, moving
up to an Associates, and ending with a Bachelors degree. All courses taken at NISET are automatically

A: Yes, please contact us using the button at the top banner of the NISET website and indicate that you
would like to be mailed information. Be sure to include your mailing address.

A: Students may pay by credit/debit card, private student loans, or income sharing agreement. To learn
more about all of these options visit https://landsurveycareer.com/aid/

A: The AS curriculum has not been finalized but the current requirements may be found in the catalog
available at https://landsurveycareer.com/catalog/

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