Online Land Surveyor Certificate Program Admissions Requirements

Access to Surveyor Education

Access to education, specifically Land Surveying education, can be difficult. Many land surveying programs are completed over a couple of years, typically in a traditional classroom. To be successful in a traditional high education environment, you need three things: Time, Money, and Motivation. If you have all three, a surveying degree or certification can be easily attained. However, Dr. Nettleman has found that many people in the field of surveying that wish to get licensed do not fit at least one of the three criteria. That means that the traditional path may not be the best one for you.

 Typically, Dr. Nettleman’s students are surveyor technicians and crew members who have worked in the field for years, even decades. They have families, house payments, and other obligations that limit their ability to receive the professional surveyor education they need to move forward with their land surveyor career.

 Enter NISET, The Nettleman Institute for Land Surveying Engineering Technology. Dr. Tony Nettleman envisioned a school that can provide and vigorous education specifically for those interested in a professional land surveyor career. The Nettleman Institute of Land Surveying Engineering Technology is a distance learning educational experience that solely focuses on the field of land surveying. NISET’s online land surveyor certification program provides students with a flexible schedule; students complete courses on their own time at the speed that is necessary for their work and family obligations. The working surveyor can receive the education they need to become smarter, make more money, and move forward with their professional career.

 To find out more about how NISET’s online surveyor certification program is a fantastic way to improve your land surveyor career, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Nettleman. He is always happy to provide advice and coaching for anyone interested in furthering their career as a professional land surveyor. Schedule you free consultation call today! 

View Dr. Nettleman’s video on Access to Education here!

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