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Field Surveyors vs Academics

While studying at a four-year university to become a surveyor and, then after, while working as a professor on the inside, Dr. Tony Nettleman realized that a four-year degree does not guarantee someone will pass their land surveyor licensing examination.

Growing up, Dr. Nettleman learned surveying from actual field surveyors. The methods were practical because, for all concerned, field work is results based. Little time was spent learning about concepts. Once he got to college, Tony began to see a divide between the methods and views of university professors who taught surveying. The divide was that there were two types of professors, those who regularly practiced field surveying and those who were more concerned with the concepts of a surveyor.

While in higher education, Dr. Nettleman saw most professors fell into the Academic category. They were more interested in the ideas, concepts, and theories behind land surveying. While the courses taught by these professors were interesting, they held little practical value. After Dr. Nettleman left higher education, during his time operating NLC Prep, he began to notice a trend of college graduates who were unable to pass the required land survey licensing exams (Fundamentals of Surveying and Principles & Practice of Surveying) despite having four-year college degrees in field of land surveying. He noticed a third divide, that field surveyors, academics, and the licensing testing boards all seemed to speak different languages. He asked himself, “Why couldn’t there be a school that combines the necessary elements of a robust land surveyor education and also give students a clear pathway to licensure?”

The answer was simple, he could provide that education, and The Nettleman Institute of Land Surveying Engineering Technology was born. Dr. Nettleman founded NISET and created the Certificate of Surveying Engineering Technology Program to provide a practical and academically rigorous education; giving students and professional alike the skills they need for a successful career in land surveying. All the courses focus strictly on the field of land surveying. The provided education includes necessary traditional practices, new technologies, and hands-on experience all from the convenience of the student’s personal computer. NISET’s goal is to quickly get its students licensed and employed.

If this program sounds like it would benefit you and your land survey career, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Nettleman today. He is always happy to give advice and coaching to anyone interested in pursuing a career as a professionally licensed surveyor.

Watch Dr. Nettleman’s video on Field Surveyors vs Academics here!

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