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What Makes a Great College Professor

Education is a long-term, expensive commitment. You invest your time, money, and make short term sacrifices that will, hopefully, result in a rewarding career for many decades to come. This is no different for land surveyor education and it is important to ensure the land surveying program you choose will provide the most benefit for your future career. But what makes a great land surveyor degree or certificate program? Easy: The professors teaching the program.

In general, a great professor is one who listens to their students, not just lecturing during class and disappearing when the time is up. A great professor should be able to relate with their students and be able to see what a great land surveying education looks like from a student’s perspective. Ideally, a great land surveyor professor will have all these qualities but, most importantly, they should also regularly practice what the teach.

Many land survey programs have faculty who have risen up through the ranks of academia, moving from bachelor’s to master’s and PhDs. But these people often have never actually authored a survey as a licensed professional surveyor. Being a master of theories and concepts is fine, but knowing how to turn those ideas into practical applications is paramount when it comes to educating the next generation of professional land surveyors.

A great land survey educator should be a licensed professional who regularly works in the field. A PLS should teach future PLS’s. When evaluating land survey programs, make sure to do a little investigation. Ask if how many of the program’s professors hold PLS licenses. Ask how many of the professors actively work in the field. Understanding the number and frequency of professors who regularly practice real-life applications will give you a good indication on the value that program will bring to your own future career.

In fact, these traits are what sets NISET apart from other land surveying programs. All of the professors at NISET are active, licensed, professional surveyors. Professionals teaching future professionals is one of the main philosophies behind NISET’s curriculum. NISET wants its students to pass their NCEES FS & PS exams, get licensed, and have a successful land survey career. If you’re researching land survey programs, remember to keep in mind those traits of a great land survey professor. If you are interested in a future career as a professionally licensed surveyor, and are not sure where to start, Dr. Tony Nettleman would be happy to provide you with information one what that career choice may look like for you.

View Dr. Nettleman’s video on the Qualities of a Professor below!

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