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Land Surveyor Exam

If you want to become a professional land surveyor, you better love taking exams! Or at least be able to conquer your fear and get a passing score.
Even compared with lawyers, doctors, and civil engineers, land surveyors take a lot of exams. We have to pass two national exams and one state exam for our first license. Then for subsequent licenses, you only need to pass another state exam.

The first license that must be passed is the fundamentals of surveying exam. The fs exam is administered by the national council of examiners for engineering and surveying known as ncees. This exam is custom-built for “recent graduates and students who are close to finishing an undergraduate surveying degree from an abet accredited program.” many students have passed the fs exam even without a college degree, but its much tougher without the surveying college courses that set you up for success. Pass rates are typically about 50% for first-time takers and 25% for second tries. So be sure to pass this thing on the first try! Want help? Check out www.Nlcprep.Com

The second license that must be passed is the principles and practice of surveying exam. The ps exam “tests your ability to practice the surveying profession competently. It is designed for surveyors who have gained at least four years of professional experience.” this exam is usually taken after you have passed your fs exam and worked under a professional surveyor for 2 to 4 years. The ps exam is much more practical than the fs but be sure to know your stuff because the amount of standards and specifications, legal questions, and ethics situations is pretty intense. Again, if you want to pass on the first try, check out all the free articles at www.Nlcprep.Com

The final license before gaining entry into the most awesome profession in the world is the state-specific exam. The results may vary! The Alabama and Florida exams are pretty easy. The California exam will tear a PhD surveyor into shreds and leave him crying for his momma. Most state-specific exams are somewhere in the middle.

Many students have told us that the exam was easy once they got approved by their state board. So the lesson is that if you are ready to become a surveyor-in-training or professional land surveyor, be sure to start the application early, make sure that you provide all the required documentation to the board and that you qualify to sit for the exam before applying, otherwise you could lose your application fee and your exam fees. Have questions? Schedule a free call with dr. Nettleman using the link below.

No matter what state license you are attempting, having the right mindset and a solid game plan is key. Study smart by reviewing the right material, study hard by creating a weekly study plan a few nights a week and feel confident on exam day by choosing a test prep combo from www.Nlcprep.Com. We have helped thousands of surveyors get licensed and look forward to you being our next success story.

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