NISET Income Sharing Agreement

Income Sharing Agreement Tuition Plan

Funding education can be a difficulty for students working towards their professional licensure, especially for those who are also working full-time. NISET provides affordable payment options to help ease the burden or potentially block a student from gaining their certificate. NISET’s Income Sharing Agreement plan allows students to earn their Certificate of Land Surveying Engineering Technology and pay for their loans only after they have become gainfully employed. While you are evaluating your tuition options, you may find that NISET’s ISA plan is the right path for you towards your career as a professionally licensed surveyor. Below are some facts about NISET’s ISA program to help you determine if this plan is best for you.

ISA amount available: [INSERT AMOUNT] per academic year (one [Min to Max ISA for the fall/spring academic term and one for the Field Camp)

Percent of monthly income: [Insert Amount] percent

Duration of payments: [INSERT RANGE] years, depending upon the ISA amount. For example, a NISET Student who takes out a [AMOUNT] ISA would pay back the amount in [NUMBER OF] monthly payments.

Payment cap: [TOP REPAYMENT AMOUNT] the ISA amount that students take out.


Minimum salary to begin paying back ISA: [20,000 has been the typical amount]

To apply for NISET’s Income Share Agreement, please contact [email protected] to request more information.

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