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Is there a land surveying degree near me?

Is there a land surveying degree near me?

Are there land surveying degrees near me?  That is a common question I get asked almost 3 or 4 times a week.  To give you a little background, I take 15-minute phone calls with test prep students. These students are interested in becoming licensed land surveyors, but in order to do that, they must pass their exam first. My team and I help a lot of students pass their land surveyors exams and do really well.  Often times, the students are not able to take the exams because they need to acquire a certain level of education before they are qualified to take the fundamentals of surveying.  Now, some states, like Alabama, only require a certain number of credit hours, while other states, like Florida or New Mexico, require a bachelor’s of land surveying degree to sit for their exams.  The biggest question I’m asked by students is “Is there a land surveying degree where I live? I don’t want to have to move, I don’t want to quit my job, and I have life obligations- older family members, kids, other things that prevent me from packing all my stuff up in the pick-up and driving 500 miles”.  I really think that’s a shame because if you have the desire to become a professional land surveyor and willing to dedicate the time and the money to get this degree, why shouldn’t this degree come to you versus you going to the degree? 

]That’s really a 21st-century question because when in the history of surveying have you been able to access the world’s knowledge of surveying on your computer or iPad?  It’s my hope that a lot of other surveying programs will go online because it will extend the reach of these programs to all the people interested in doing it.  Until then, there isn’t really a single source to find all the surveying programs near you.  You can go on the NSPC website and get a nice list of degrees, but there is no central map or file that will show you where the surveying programs are.  Before you go ahead and make a huge life decision to move across the country or across the state, ask yourself when you do visit a program page, a couple of questions.

The first question is: are your professors exclusively teaching this, or are your professors actively engaged in the surveying profession?  If you get a professor that practices surveying, then you are going to get a higher level of education that is going to prepare you not only for your degree but also to pass your exam and do it in the real world with practical knowledge.   Question number two: what is this program really going to cost me?  Yes, the tuition is listed for in-state and out of state, but what is the inclusive price?  When asking that question, they usually won’t give a straight answer, but should always be asked.  Third and finally, what is the pass rate for the fundamentals of surveying for your program?  If they don’t track that information, that should scare you.  The goal at NISET is to have a 100% pass rate. You go through the classes, you learn the material, and you take the exam that covers the exact same material.  It should not be difficult, but I have met thousands of students over those years that have fantastic surveying and civil engineering degrees, but they can’t pass these exams because they haven’t learned the basics of surveying.  That can be scary, but if you can answer those 3 questions you will be prepared to find a land surveying degree near you.  

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